A. Korrodi Ritto

The inventor of the Ritto Appliance and has a patented device.

Simple to Use


Cost Effective

Break Resistant

Requires no Patient Cooperation

The Ritto Appliance was developed to overcome the drawbacks with the regular fixed functional appliances

Can be fitted in 5 minutes and removed in half that time. More than an appliance it is a philosophy


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The Mini Simulator

In my 9 years of experience with the Ritto Appliance, I have discovered
that this is not the functional philosophy for the next century.
In addition to considerable time lost in the laboratory time, with its
inherent costs, it also means a loss of total treatment time and discomfort
for the patient.

The Ritto Appliance

Simple to use, comfortable and cost effective

The Ritto Appliance can be described as a miniaturized telescopic
device with simplified intraoral application and activation.
Is simple to use, comfortable, cost effective, breakage resistant and
requires no patient cooperation.

The Lingua Pearl

The Lingual Pearl is a passive guiding appliance used in the reeducation
of lingual function and can be seen both as an orthodontic therapeutic
complement and as the main appliance for lingual reeducation.
It can be used at any time during treatment, i.e. in the beginning, during
or at the end of correction or even as retention device.

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