The Ritto Appliance can be described as a miniaturized telescopic device with simplified intra oral application and activation.


The main differences when compared to competitor appliances are:

  • The appliance does not come apart (no disengagement after achieving maximum extension).
  • The smaller size facilitates adaptation and it does not affect aesthetic appearance or speech.

It comes in a single format which allows it to be used on both sides.

The Ritto Appliance is simple to use, comfortable, cost effective, breakage resistant and requires no patient cooperation.

The fact that the appliance does not disengage proportions enormous advantages. It eliminates the time lost in measuring length before fitting, as is the case with competitor appliances. This facility makes it possible to fit the appliance in around 5 minutes and about half that time is sufficient to remove it.

It is even possible to carry out the treatment of Class II retromandibulias in mixed or permanent dentition using only conventional bands on the upper molars and two tubes on the lower molars with brackets on the lower incisors.

Fixing accessories consist of a steel ball pin and a lock.


Upper fixing is carried out by placing a steel ball pin into the tube .045″ from the upper molar band crossing the appliance which is then totally bent over. Fixing accessories consist of a steel ball pin and a lock. The Ritto Appliance inserted.